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Version: User Guides (Cloud)

Create Cluster

Zilliz Cloud provides various cluster plan tiers to accommodate the distinct business needs of users. For guidance on selecting an appropriate cluster type, consult Free Trials and Understand Cluster Types.

This topic describes how to create a cluster.



  • Registration with Zilliz Cloud. Refer to Register with Zilliz Cloud for instructions.

  • Ownership of the organization or project where the cluster is to be established. For details on roles and permissions, see User Roles.

Set up a serverless cluster

  1. Navigate to Zilliz Cloud console and log in.

  2. Select the appropriate organization and project.

  3. Click + Create Cluster.


  4. In the Create New Cluster section, choose the Starter plan and fill in the required parameters.


    Each user is permitted one free serverless cluster. For additional clusters, opt for the Standard or Enterprise plans.

    Cluster NameName of the cluster.
    Cloud Provider & RegionThe cluster's location and the cloud provider it is hosted on. At present, our serverless clusters are available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). For more information, see Cloud Providers & Regions.


  5. Process with Next: Create Collection.

  6. In the Create Collection for Your New Cluster section, select New Collection.


    Specify the parameters for the new collection as below:

    Collection nameThe name of the collection.
    DimensionThe dimension of the vector data in the collection. The default value is 768.
    Metric TypeThe metric type measures the similarity between vectors. Valid values:
    - Euclidean: measures the distance between two vectors in a plane. The smaller the result, the more similar the two vectors.
    - Inner product: multiplies two vectors. The more positive the result, the more similar the two vectors.
    DescriptionThe description of the collection. This parameter is optional.
  7. Click Create Collection and Cluster. A dialog box will display the public endpoint and API key for the cluster. Record these details for future access.

Create a dedicated cluster

  1. Log in to the Zilliz Cloud console.

  2. Enter the desired organization and project.

  3. Click + Create Cluster.


  4. On the Create New Cluster page, opt for the Standard or Enterprise plan and fill out the relevant parameters.


    • Cluster Name: Assign a unique identifier for your cluster.

    • Cloud Provider Settings: Choose the cloud service provider and the specific region where your cluster will be deployed. For more information, see Cloud Providers & Regions.

    • CU Settings:

      • CU Type: Select a CU Type that aligns with your cluster's performance requirements. For more information, refer to Select the Right CU.

      • CU Size: Select the total size of the cluster in terms of CUs.

    • Cloud Backup: Decide whether to enable automatic cloud backup for safeguarding the data stored within your cluster, ensuring data persistence and recovery capabilities in case of failures.

  5. Click Create Cluster. You'll be redirected to a dialog showcasing the public endpoint and token for your cluster access. Keep these details safe.


After you create the cluster, you can check its status on the cluster list page. A cluster in the Running state indicates successful creation.