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Version: User Guides (Cloud)

Create Snapshot

Snapshots are point-of-time backup copies of a managed cluster on Zilliz Cloud. You can use it as a baseline for new clusters or just for data backup.


Snapshots are supported only for the Standard and Enterprise tiers. If your cluster runs on the Serverless tier, upgrade it first. For more information on cluster types, see Select Cluster Plans.

Create snapshot

Snapshots occur asynchronously and the time it takes to take one varies depending on the size of the cluster and the size of the CUs accommodating the cluster. For example, a single-collection cluster holding over 120 million records of 128-dimensional vectors on a 4-CU instance takes approximately 5 minutes to create a snapshot.

You can take a snapshot of your cluster based on the following figure. Your cluster is still in service while Zilliz Cloud is taking the snapshot.


Adjust snapshot retention period

You can determine how long Zilliz Cloud keeps your snapshot by setting Retention Period in days. Currently, the default retention period is 7 days, with a maximum of 30 days.


Data transfer used to create the snapshots is separately charged at the rate of $0.025/GB. For example, a 20 GB snapshot will incur a one-time data transfer charge of $0.025 x 20 = $0.5. Currently, a snapshot can live on Zilliz Cloud for up to 30 days free of charge.