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Version: User Guides (Cloud)

Import Data (Console)

This page introduces how to import the prepared data on the Zilliz Cloud console.

Before you startโ€‹

Make sure the following conditions are met:

Import data on the web UIโ€‹

Once data files are ready, you can import them directly from your local drive or upload them to an object storage bucket, such as AWS S3 or Google Cloud GCS, for data imports.


You can have up to 10 running or pending import jobs in a collection.

Local JSON fileโ€‹

To import data, you can either drag and drop a local file into the upload area, or click upload a file and select the file.


Remote files from an object storage bucketโ€‹

To import remote files, you must first upload them to a remote bucket. You can easily convert your raw data into supported formats and upload the result files using the BulkWriter tool.

Once you have uploaded the prepared files to a remote bucket, select the object storage service and fill in the path to the files in the remote bucket and bucket credentials for Zilliz Cloud to pull data from your bucket.


Zilliz Cloud now allows you to import data from any object storage service to any Zilliz Cloud cluster, regardless of the cloud provider hosting the clusters. For instance, you can import data from an AWS S3 bucket to a Zilliz Cloud cluster deployed on GCP.


Supported object pathsโ€‹

The following table lists applicable remote bucket URIs and some quick examples for you to build a valid import path.

Verify the resultโ€‹

After the import is complete, you will receive the following information. At this point, you can view job details or start exploring the imported data for what interests you.