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Version: User Guides (Cloud)

Manage Collections

Learn about how to manipulate collections on the Zilliz Cloud console or via SDKs.

Limits on collections

Cluster TypeMax NumberRemarks
Free cluster2
You can create up to 2 collections.
Serverless cluster10
You can create up to 10 collections.
Dedicated cluster
64 per CU, and <= 4096You can create up to 64 collections per CU used in a dedicated cluster and no more than 4,096 collections in the cluster.

In addition to the limits on the number of collections per cluster, Zilliz Cloud also applies limits on consumed capacity. The following table lists the limits on the general capacity of a cluster.

Number of CUsGeneral Capacity
1-8 CUs<= 4,096
12+ CUsMin(512 x Number of CUs, 65536)

For details on the calculation of general and consumed capacity, refer to Zilliz Cloud Limits.


In this chapter, you will find out how to manage your collections on the Console or through the SDKs.