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Version: User Guides (Cloud)

Payment & Billing

This guide details the available ways for you to subscribe to our services on Zilliz Cloud with relevant notes on invoice management



In order to manage payment and billing, you need to be an Organization Owner.

Payment options

Payment methodDescription
CreditsYou earn credits upon registration or by participating in Zilliz Cloud events, etc. Credits can be used to cover the expenses of using Zilliz Cloud services.
Credit cardYou receive a monthly invoice for your usage on Zilliz Cloud.
AWS Marketplace subscriptionYou receive invoices for your Zilliz Cloud usage through the AWS Marketplace.
GCP Marketplace subscriptionYou receive invoices for your Zilliz Cloud usage through the GCP Marketplace.
Advance PayYou prepay a sum of funds for Zilliz Cloud services.

Credits and Advance Pay can be combined with either a credit card or a Marketplace subscription (AWS/GCP). However, it is not possible to set both a credit card and a Marketplace subscription simultaneously.

Payment method priority

If multiple payment methods are in use, their priority is as follows:

  1. Credits

  2. Advance Pay funds

  3. Credit card / AWS Marketplace subscription / GCP Marketplace subscription

Example: For a $500 unpaid bill, with $100 in credits and $200 in Advance Pay funds available, plus a linked credit card:

  • The $100 credits are used first, reducing the bill to $400.

  • Then, the $200 Advance Pay funds are applied, bringing the balance down to $200.

  • Finally, the remaining $200 is charged to the linked credit card.

Switching payment methods

Zilliz Cloud offers flexibility in switching between different payment methods:

From credit card to Marketplace subscription

  • Subscribe directly on the AWS or GCP Marketplace.

  • No need to manually remove your credit card.

  • Successful Marketplace subscription automatically updates the payment method.

From Marketplace subscription to credit card

Between Marketplace subscriptions

  • Unsubscribe from the current Marketplace.

  • Resubscribe using the new AWS or GCP Marketplace account.