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Release Notes (Oct 17, 2023)

We're pleased to announce the launch of our AWS Frankfurt region in the EU. Accompanying this expansion, we introduce beta features: Range Search, Upsert, and Cosine Metric Type, enhancing search capabilities and data management efficiency. Additional functionalities include API Key Access, Retrieve Raw Vectors, JSON_CONTAINS Filter, and Entity Count. Noteworthy improvements in RBAC, billing, pricing calculation, account management, and service stability have also been implemented for an enhanced user experience.

Milvus Compatibility

This release is compatible with Milvus 2.2.x and Milvus 2.3.x (Beta).

New AWS Region: Frankfurt (aws-eu-central-1) - Now Live

We're delighted to unveil our new AWS Frankfurt region, designed to better cater to our European user base. This region not only provides enhanced support but also offers the convenience of AWS Marketplace payment options. For all available cloud regions, refer to Cloud Providers & Regions.

Innovative Beta Features

Explore the future with our latest beta features, available for dedicated clusters. Upgrade now to experience these enhancements:

  • Range Search

    Redefine your queries with Range Search, enabling you to set a radius for your searches. Unlike traditional ANN Search, Range Search ensures the inclusion of all vectors within the specified radius, providing a more comprehensive view.

  • Upsert

    Seamlessly manage dynamic datasets with Upsert, a fusion of 'update' and 'insert'. Enjoy increased efficiency for datasets where changes are frequent.

  • Cosine Metric Type

    Experience advanced vector search with Cosine, Inner Product, and Euclidean Distance support. Cosine metric eliminates the need for prior vector normalization, streamlining your search process.

  • Access Control

    Securely access dedicated clusters and serverless instances with API Key or username password authentication.

  • Return Raw Vectors

    Specify vector fields in your search parameters to receive them as part of your search results.


    Refine searches further with the JSON_CONTAINS operator, allowing you to specify filtering conditions based on JSON field values.

  • Entity Count

    Get a quick overview of the total number of entities within loaded collections for better data management.


We've also implemented several enhancements to improve your overall experience:

  • New Role for RBAC

    Grant Project Member Role to project collaborators for more streamlined collaboration.

  • Billing Optimizations

    Enjoy more efficient billing management with streamlined processes.

  • Advanced Pricing Calculator

    Get comprehensive estimations that combine primary keys, vector fields, and string fields for a more accurate pricing overview.

  • Self-Service Account Deletion

    Easily delete your own accounts or organizations for greater control over your profile.

  • Stability Enhancements

    We've addressed known issues to enhance the reliability of our service.

Thank you for choosing Zilliz Cloud, where innovation meets performance!