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Version: User Guides (Cloud)

Set up Maintenance Window

You can set up a maintenance window to allow Zilliz Cloud to schedule maintenance for your hosted cluster. This makes impactful maintenance events more predictable and less disruptive for your workload.



Currently, the maintenance window setting is global and applies to all clusters hosted on Zilliz Cloud.

By default, Zilliz Cloud blocks most impactful updates from 0 AM to 2 PM local time daily to avoid disruptions during peak business hours. You will receive a notification in advance for an upcoming maintenance event on a specific day. On that day, Zilliz Cloud takes action during the preferred window hours.

A maintenance event usually lasts two hours and may cause service interruptions. The default maintenance window is between 2 AM and 4 AM local time. You can adjust the maintenance window by selecting an option in "Preferred Time" to fit your needs.

You will receive another notification after a maintenance event has finished. Zilliz Cloud also lists the start and end of every maintenance event in "Activities" for further checks in case you miss the notifications.

View current window hours

To view the current time zone, choose Settings from the left navigation pane and find the currently applied maintenance window hours under Window Hours in the System Maintenance Window area.

Edit current window hours

To change the system maintenance window hours, click Edit to open the Maintenance Window Settings dialog box, and select a time window from the Window Hours drop-down list.