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Version: User Guides (Cloud)

View Activities

The Zilliz Cloud Activities feature provides a comprehensive view of events associated with a specific Zilliz Cloud organization, encompassing billing and access events.

View activities

On the organization page, click Activities in the left navigation pane. Here, you can view a summary of activities, the time when each activity took place, and the identity of the operator involved in a specific activity.


Filter activities

To enhance your control and ease in navigating through the organization activities, you can apply filters by type and time range. Utilizing a combination of these filtering conditions provides a more tailored view of the activity list.

  • Filter by time range

    Choose a start and end date to display activities occurring within a specific time frame. After setting your desired time range, click Apply to view all activities within this period.


    Ensure that the time span between your chosen start date and end date does not exceed 30 days.


  • Filter by activity type

    Select your preferred activity type from the activity list. Zilliz Cloud categorizes activities into three types: Info, Warning, and Error.

    Activity TypeDescription
    InfoGeneral information related to clusters, access, or billing.
    Eg. Cluster in01-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx was created.
    WarningUpdates regarding resource states that necessitate your attention.
    E.g., "Cluster in01-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx was deleted."
    ErrorNotifications of payment failures or other system malfunctions requiring immediate attention or action.
    E.g., "The payment for the invoice invo-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx has failed."