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Version: User Guides (Cloud)

View Invoice

The total cost for using Zilliz Cloud services is determined by several components: compute, storage, backup, and migration costs. To help you monitor and manage your expenditures, you can access detailed invoices for both current and past billing cycles.

Please note that access to view invoices is restricted to organization owners.


View invoices

To view your billing records, navigate to Billing in the left sidebar and select the Invoices tab. Within Zilliz Cloud, there are five possible billing statuses, each representing a different state of your payment. The table below outlines these statuses:

PaidPayment has been completed with no outstanding amounts.
FreeAll amounts due are paid with credits.
OverdueThe invoice is billed but not paid within the due timeframe.
UnbilledTransactions that occur after the billing cycle but before the statement is generated. These amounts are not immediately due but will be included in the next billing cycle.
UnpaidThe invoice is billed and is within the due timeframe.


To view specific details for an invoice, click on the respective billing period entry. This will bring you to a detailed page where you have the options to download the invoice as a PDF file or print the invoice directly.


View payment method

On the Billing Overview page, you can view your current payment method, check remaining credits, and see your Advance Pay balance.